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"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"


Early spring. City on the River

Konstantin Gorbatov  (1876 - 1945)


There Are Many Sides to Cacia (http://caciazoo.tumblr.com/)

Hallway of Mirrors


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07.29.14_02_cut the shit

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My boyfriend deleted all our nudes by accident. Now he is lying Face down in bed and is close to rage. And i still got them. I think i will tease him :D hihihi

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Happy birthday, Lioness!
I hope your life gets less hectic and you can relax and enjoy your birthday week. I’m at the opposite end of frenzy right now, but my holiday is about to finish. While it lasts, it feels so good to be naked at home, feeling so free and unconstrained, I had to share this lovely sensation with you once again.
This summer I must have spent more time naked than clothed, and you’re one of the persons I’m in debt with for this fantastic discovery of enjoying my body and feeling good in it, and for the confidence to undress completely not be ashamed of being seen. Thank you for your wonderful inspiration.

Thank you friend! I’m looking forward to a relaxing birthday weekend for sure - and hoping to take a few pictures as well. I’m so glad you’ve found inspiration here at Coffee Club. I’ll be honest, it has definitely helped me feel more confident in my own skin, lounging around naked. I love the voyeuristic feel of this image, thank you for being a part of this community. 

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The studio of Clio Newton

photo by sea kay, 2011

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Marie Ange pour KOCK magazine

maquillage Anne Grenet

copyright Pascal Pierrou

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