rare Apple sneakers given to employes in the 90s…

very rare

I Need those :D

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i have to sit and dine with the worst person i know ugh kill me or give me vodka asap

//Spit in here Food, everytime you get the Chance :D


City Corner  (1929)

Hans Baluschek

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Daniel Martin

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I fucking Shaved my Head and i look like a boy. Yesssss :)

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people have been hating a lot on my armpits on ask.fm lately so i made a photoset for all the haters out there

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Illustrations, 2014 | by  Michael Howard

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// oh my god i am Ding right Now :D

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Today my parents are Meeting my boyfriend for the very First Time.

Virginia Broersma (USA) - Swish from Exercise Project, 2011-2012     Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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