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Anonymous asked: simply. you made me start blogging. thank you for that! it fulfilled me with joy and many other emotions (tumblr is crazy) for more than two years. xx

Really? Tell me about it please ! Its so Crazy because i always thought no One would ever notice that Blog. Thank you, you made me smile. Please dear anon, i would love to See your Blog ! And Share your tumblring ;)

Anonymous asked: Tell us a fetish of yours!

Just look through my Blog ;) its obvious!

Anonymous asked: How was your artschool test?

I get the result in a week, hopefully i make it to the next round !!!

Anonymous asked: What part of your body do u like the most?

My hands. I really like my hands. They are the Most powerfull Part of my Body. They speak more than my Face while Talking. When i Dance, the First Place where i can feel the Music is at the Fingers from my right Hand and also because i draw and Write with them


Anna Szydłowska (Green Town, woj.lubuskie, Poland) - 1: Head, 2013  2: Head, 2013  3: Head, 2013      Paintings: Oil on Canvas

Hello somebody Out there ? :)

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Jaw dropping…

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Rita Lino

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Opiette by Katlyn Hubner 2014

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