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Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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Its so cold on my Head :0 i have to wear a Turban all the Time :D


Artist on Tumblr

Maxwell McMaster | on Tumblr (USA)

Maxwell McMaster is an artist/designer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He likes to think of his work as an ever evolving story. He has been drawing cartoons, making graffiti and illustrating before engaging himself to fine art. His inspiration comes from his city, pop culture, nature, his friends, and other artists.

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nick lepard

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Inspired by 3D modelling software glitches, Noa Raviv has designed garments that bring the digital into a physical space.  Classic Greek and Roman sculptures are the starting point and then worked into hi-tech garments.

I would kill to get One of those pieces.

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A Family of Cacti

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Sarah Awad

Landing/Grounding, 2011 

Oil on canvas

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rare Apple sneakers given to employes in the 90s…

very rare

I Need those :D

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i have to sit and dine with the worst person i know ugh kill me or give me vodka asap

//Spit in here Food, everytime you get the Chance :D


City Corner  (1929)

Hans Baluschek

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Daniel Martin

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I fucking Shaved my Head and i look like a boy. Yesssss :)